What are whiteboard animations?

Whiteboard animations offer a unique way to tell your story through time-lapsed drawings and animations. Each video is carefully planned so that your message and visuals complement each other in ways that make key points understandable and memorable. Whether you need to train new employees, showcase a new product or service or just tell an engaging story, whiteboard animations always leave lasting impressions.

How are whiteboard animations made?

The first step in creating a whiteboard animation involves you! We want to know everything we can about the project you have in mind and what main points you want your viewers to remember. From there, storyboards are created to make sure your vision and our talent are heading in the same direction. Once you're happy, our team of talented artists get started physically drawing each scene. When all of the scenes have been completed, our motion graphics artists step in to create camera movements and animations that bring your whiteboard to life. The final step incorporates music, narration and sound effects to create a fun, informative whiteboard animation that is sure to entertain!